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About Vestfold County Library

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Kollegaer i samtaleVestfold County Library is competence and development center for libraries in Vestfold.

Developments from books to web-based information creates new tasks for our libraries. Another important role for the libraries of today is being a meeting place for the community, not only a place to lend books. Our libraries should also act as a cultural intermediary and learning arena for all groups in society. To meet the new challenges of the modern library, we work with many exciting projects in different areas both locally in the Vestfold and at a national level. At the local level fulfilling the joint library plan for all the Vestfold Libraries is a priority, a plan that goes from 2015-2018.

Some of the other things we do:

  • Develop and organize the Summer reading challenge “Sommerles” for all children in grades 1 to 7, to stimulate reading during summer vacation
  • Develop good cooperative solutions between our libraries
  • Provide project management, courses, meetings and study tours for the libraries in Vestfold in order to stimulate innovation
  • Responsible for the Literature week in Vestfold

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